Nonnen und Sex

Den Link zum gesamten Blog-Beitrag kann ich hier leider nicht posten, weil mir sonst wieder irgendwelche Jugendschützer auf die Finger hauen, aber grob umschrieben: Es ging um nicht ganz jugendfreie Tätigkeiten auf der Toilette einer katholischen Schule…

Und die damit verbundenen Feststellungen:

Let me help you with a few fine points in case you try this at home

  • Nuns patrol the halls like guard dogs even when class is in session.
  • Said vicious nuns have evil and cruel timing.
  • When a Nun walks in a bathroom and […], there is little one can do to be graceful.
  • Nuns chase one fast, even big nuns, they run in packs.
  • Nuns throw things, they hurt.
  • Nuns do curse.
  • When running without pants on through a field full of Catholic school girls, do not expect them to look away politely and not laugh.
  • When running full speed towards the opening in the fence line, look down to avoid tripping in a gopher hole and flying through the air to land on ones face.
  • Police have no sense of humor about these things.
  • When ones own lawyer spends 20 minutes laughing at you, its less then fun
  • Judges also have little sense of humor even when the charges are minor
  • Community Service sucks