Tactical Reflections Revisited

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  • In this world we live in, there are good ideas and there are bad ideas; those who can’t tell the difference conduct opinion polls. And focus groups.
  • It has been my experience of life that a girl who says she doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex usually doesn’t believe in sex after the wedding, either.
  • It is unlikely that your opponent thinks of himself as the badguy. Of course he may be wrong …
  • Let the other guy offer compromises. Think of them as rungs on the ladder you’re climbing. Keep your own goals fixed firmly in your mind and make sure you never move any direction but upward. That’s how the other side got where they are. It works.
  • „Manx“ is the noise a cat makes when you chop its tail off.
  • Many of life’s tragedies—and comedies—arise from a misconception women suffer under that sex is optional.
  • Never aim at anything but total achievement of your goal: the utter capitulation of the enemy. Every effort involves inertia and mechanical losses, so adopting any lesser objective means partial defeat. Total victory means you don’t have to fight the same fight again tomorrow.
  • One of the sadder facts of human existence is that power will get you through times of no brains better than brains will get you through times of no power.
  • The only way to beat the government is to become the government.
  • Second thoughts, failures of confidence, nervous last-minute course- changes are all detours and recipes for defeat. The time to think is before the battle—if possible, before the war—not in the heat of it.
  • There are two kinds of people in the world, those who say, „There are two kinds of people in the world,“ and those who do not.
  • Try never to speak of your enemies by name. Any publicity is publicity nonetheless—and there are those for whom your disapproval constitutes a recommendation.
  • Washington, D.C is where they took a perfectly good swamp and turned it into a sewer.
  • The worst thing about Bill Clinton is that he gave oral sex a bad name! George Bush has done much the same for chimpanzees.
  • You cannot force me to agree with you. You can force me to act as though I agree with you—but then you’ll have to watch your back. All the time.
  • You may never convince the other guy, but it’s often worthwhile to keep arguing for the effect it has on bystanders, especially his allies.