Microsoft „Brain Sucker“

Endlich ist raus, warum sich WIndows Vista immer weiter verzögert:

Microsoft’s New Operating System Records Brain Waves Of Users

Windows Vista […] is already causing a great deal of controversy because of a very unusual feature that allows Vista to record the brain waves of users as they work on their computers. Implementation of this revolutionary technology is the primary reason why the release of Windows Vista has been repeatedly delayed. […] This unique feature is called the „Neural Collector“ although Microsoft technicians have nicknamed it the „brain sucker“ because of its extraordinary ability to gather the thoughts and general neural activity of Vista users.


This raw neural information will then be sent to Microsoft’s central data collection center where it will be deciphered and analyzed for later use.


Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, said „I don’t know what all the commotion is about. Privacy is just a seven letter word.“

As explained in the user’s purchase agreement for Windows Vista, all recorded brain waves are the sole property of Microsoft Corporation.