Jobs vs. Gates

Was kommt wohl raus, wenn man Steve Jobs und Bill Gates zusammen interviewed? Eine Schlammschlacht? Böse Worte?

Swisher: And do you look at yourselves as rivals now? Today as the landscape has evolved—and we’ll talk about the Internet landscape and everything else and other companies that have [gone] forward, but how do you look at yourselves in this landscape today?

Mossberg: Because, I mean, you are competitors in certain ways, which is the American way, right?

Swisher: We watch the commercials, right?

Mossberg: And you get annoyed at each other from time to time.

Swisher: Although you know what? I have to confess, I like PC guy.

Mossberg: Yeah, he’s great.

Swisher: Yeah, I like him. The young guy, I want to pop him.

Jobs: The art of those commercials is not to be mean, but it’s actually for the guys to like each other. Thanks. PC guy is great. Got a big heart.

Gates: His mother loves him.

Jobs: His mother loves him.

Ganz im Gegenteil: Selber lesen!

Oder noch besser: Selber angucken!