Microsoft hatte ja anfangs vor, ein neues Dateisystem mit Vista auszuliefern: WinFS. Vor knapp zwei Jahren wurde dann bekannt, daß das Feature doch nicht enthalten sein würde. Es wurde angekündigt, WinFS mit einem Patch nachzuliefern. Jetzt scheint das System ganz tot zu sein:

Is WinFS dead?
Yes and No. Yes, we are not going to ship WinFS as a separate, monolithic software component. But the answer is also No – the vision remains alive and we are moving the technology forward. A lot of the technology really was database stuff – and we’re putting that into SQL and ADO. But some of the technology, especially the end user value points, are not ready, and we’re going to continue to work on that in incubation. Some or all of these technologies may be used by other Microsoft products going forward.

What is a ship vehicle? Why does it matter that WinFS is not a „separate ship vehicle“?A ship vehicle is the method in which we bring a technology to market. This could be a separate product release, a service pack to an existing product, or an integrated technology in a larger product platform. We announced the removal of WinFS from Longhorn two years ago, and talked about WinFS being a separate ship vehicle. But we are no longer are planning to release a separate WinFS delivery vehicle.